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A fun
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AmRest is the fastest growing independent restaurant company in Europe. We work with world-beloved brands and operate restaurants in 26 markets (Europe, Russia, China). We are the team of over 45 000 employees, coming from different countries, but still speaking the same language! It’s all because of our exceptional culture – we all share the same beliefs & values.

We believe that Wszystko jest Możliwe (Anything is Possible; WJM) and our story proves it is so! This belief led us to the place where we are now and we are convinced it will take us even further. We want to be #1 in Europe. And we will make it happen - because WJM!

Our Core Values are driving forces for delivering super service to our clients and achieving our ambitions. There are more than just posters on the wall – they really direct our daily behaviors and decisions, across markets and brands.

Last, but not least – FUN! Alongside with WJM belief and our unique Core Values, fun is a part of our culture. Fun is really in our DNA! We not only believe that fun impacts how we feel & work, actually Bring fun to life is our main purpose. Want to feel this positive vibe? Join us!

customer focus Customer
Operational excellence Operational
Stretch goals Stretch
Feedback Feedback
Commitment to people Commitment to people
Positive energy Positive
Accountability Accountability
Profitability Profitability
Our brands
AmRest in numbers
9 brands
26 countries
over 2100 restaurants
over 45 thousands employees
26 years of fun
People business

It's all about people

People. Great ones can lift you up, the others can put you down. Happily, AmRest is built by those great! Our People are what define AmRest, so it’s super important to us that we nail down on our unique culture. We make hiring decisions based on culture first – so we will say no to someone, despite their amazing experience, if they aren’t aligned with our company values.

We are the bunch of good friends who like to work together and play together. We are passionate, willing and capable to learn, we thrive on change. There is nothing that can stop us from achieving the biggest dreams. Challenge ahead? It’s fun! Here we empower people to go beyond their comfort zones and reaching for more, always be better and better.

In return, we offer autonomy, tailored development, challenge and recognition. And of course – fun to grow career!

Place of possible

Spread Your

Our belief that Wszystko Jest Możliwe is reflected in everything we do, including how we develop our People. Actually, AmRest is a place where you have the power to shape your career! Want to work abroad? It’s possible. Want to take on a new challenge? It’s possible.

Want to move between functions? It’s possible! Career at AmRest is redefined – here the sky is not the limit! We encourage you to leave your comfort zone, dream big and grow faster. And you are not alone – we give you a helping hand with our tailored development plans and unique training programs (we have our own school here!). So, ready to spread your wings and fly?

Want to be an AmRestee?
There are plenty of opportunities!

  • RST employee

    (Restaurant Support Team, so our Office)
  • Restaurant crew

  • Restaurant manager

  • Trainee

AmRest is a Fun place to be! Here you will:
  • redefine your career – all is up to you!
  • work with positive people who lift you up
  • never get bored – things are going fast here!
  • do what you love and be recognized for it
We like people who:
  • know how to bring fun to life, they work hard and play hard
  • understand that magic happens only outside comfort zone
  • dream big and don’t limit themselves - we are high-achievers too!
  • are hungry for growth and they never stop – as we do

Become part of
our family

Sounds like AmRest is a Fun place to be? Check out our job opportunities and send us your application! Usually recruitment process consists of 6 steps. It help us to ensure you are a culture fit. Our culture defines who we are, where we are and where we will be in the future – we need to live by the same values and beliefs.

Discover job opportunites

Search and CV Selection.

First 2 weeks is a time when we collect, search and select CVs. At this stage, we will contact only chosen candidates.


Phone pre-interview

After CV selection we will invite you for a short phone call to get to know you better! We will ask for your expectations, availability, general experience and knowledge about AmRest. We will also shortly describe you a position and a team.


Within 1-2 weeks from the phone pre-interview we will invite chosen candidates for the first meeting with recruiter. Depending on the process or your location, we will meet in our Office or via Skype. It is going to be a competency - based interview, so we will ask questions which are designed to elicit a sample of your past behavior – please be specific, give examples of specific situations.


Optional – analytics tests, business cases or presentation

In order to select best candidates, we may ask you to prepare some presentation or to solve a job-related business case. But don’t worry, results of your work will be used only for to recruitment process needs.


Interview with Hiring Manager

The moment when you meet your future boss. You can ask him/ her any question related to our company, the team and the position. During the interview you have a chance to present result of your work (business case). Meeting takes up to 2 hours.



Decision making process is not easy. However, we will do our best to not keep you waiting. As a confirmation of our offer of employment we will send you Letter of Intent.

Contact us

Let's stay in touch!

We hope you feel that we can become friends. And friends keep in touch! So here are some contact data, so you will know where to find us.

Where to find us:

AmRest Holdings SE

pl. Grunwaldzki 25-27

50-365 Wrocław


How to call us:

Tel: +48 71 386 10 00

Fax: +48 71 386 10 60

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